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Why Choose Cyber Insurance Nerds?

Cyber Insurance Nerds™ is dedicated to safeguarding small business owners from the escalating risks of cybercrime. Our comprehensive cyber insurance solutions provide essential protection against financial losses and reputational damage caused by data breaches, theft, and malicious activities. With our expertise, we guide organizations and individuals in selecting tailored policies that ensure resilience in the face of cyber threats. We at Cyber Insurance Nerds™ would be honored to be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of cyber insurance and fortifying your own company's security in the digital age.

You Don't Have To Speak With An Agent

While speaking with an agent is necessary in some cases, we built Cyber Insurance Nerds™ so that you don't have to speak to an agent if you prefer. Our quotes don't require personal information; you can apply directly with the insurance company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness and educate small business owners about the importance of cyber insurance and online protection. We aim to empower people with the knowledge and resources to safeguard their digital lives, businesses, and sensitive information in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Our objective is to provide small business owners with the confidence to navigate the digital landscape while minimizing the financial and repetitional risks that come with cyber threats. Through our efforts, we aspire to foster a safer online environment where everyone can thrive without fear of cyber-attacks and their devastating consequences.

Our Content & Blog Is Written By Licensed Agents

At Cyber Insurance Nerds™, we prioritize cyber insurance education. All of the content on our blog is written by licensed professional agents, including Sa El and Broderick Grantling. Our top priority is to provide you with precise information from industry experts, ensuring accuracy in all that you read. 

Meet Our Team

Sa El - Co-Founder

Sa El is the Co-Founder of Cyber Insurance Nerds™ and a licensed insurance agent with over 15 years of experience. He began selling life insurance when his grandmother passed away from ovarian cancer without any life insurance. Sa's goal was to provide accurate insurance education along with an easy insurance-buying process.

Broderick Grantling - Co-Founder

Broderick Grantling is also the Co-Founder of Cyber Insurance Nerds™.  He is passionate about simplifying the insurance buying process and providing accessible insurance education to all. Together with Sa El, he aims to make Cyber Insurance Nerds™ a trusted resource for cyber insurance information.

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